Alliances and links to useful information on supply chain management.

New Information Paradigms: Tools to enable collaborative supply chain networks.

NIP delivers cross-boundary activity management capability, and adaptive diagnostic tools to:

  • Engage individuals to surface and resolve key issues (before they become problems).
  • Identify and address gaps and differences in perception – both internally and externally.
  • Build trust through the effective management of activities and actions.
  • Visualise and manage “portfolios” of relationships
  • Measure and compare relationship performance (beyond standard KPIs).
  • Capture, share and embed best practice.

Why?  Because today’s supply chains extend across the boundaries of the organisation.

Aricia: Logistics consulting & analysis.

Aricia is a logistics consulting company who undertake assignments for a household-name clients. Much of the work Aricia carry out is in the areas of strategic planning and business growth. Assignments span all parts of the supply chain – warehousing, transport and international logistics, specialising in data analysis / visualisation including mapping, modelling supply chains and industry research.

POD Procurement: Innovation in ‘Buyer/Supplier’ relations to enhance profitability.

The POD Procurement Model creates the commercial structure to encourage and reward post-contract Supplier Innovation, without risk or additional cost. The POD Model opens the door for buyers to access post-contract savings and unlock the knowledge and expertise of suppliers, which for many organisations remain “untapped” whilst enabling the supplier to differentiate their value and increase profits.

The Loadstar making sense of the supply chain. A really valuable source of information on supply chains.

This daily newsletter provides invaluable breaking news on all that is important concerning supply chains and the supporting industries of shipping, freight and logistics.