In-Company Training in Inventory Management from Supply Solutions

Inventory (or Stock) refers to physical goods and merchandise that a business manufactures or acquires for the ultimate purpose of selling to their customers. Inventory forms a major component of the cost of sales and therefore represents a significant proportion of the working capital of the business. As such, its management has a direct impact on both the profitability and liquidity of the Company.

We offer a range of short courses in inventory management covering the following subject areas:

  • Forecasting Inventory Levels
  • Setting the right Inventory Policies for your business
  • Inventory Management vs. Stock Control
  • Handling & Positioning diferent types of product
  • Managing Finished Goods Inventories
  • Managing After Market & Spare Part Inventories
  • Managing Constrained Shelf-Life Products, Excess & Obsolete Inventories

Many of our short courses  in inventory management can form part of study towards MCIPS and MCILT

For more information on any of our inventory management courses please contact Zen Yaworsky by email on: