In-Company Training in Logistics Management from Supply Solutions

Originally Logistics was defined as the management of the flow of goods from points of origin to points of consumption. Today it is more usual to use the term Supply Chain Management for that, while the term Logistics has narrowed in scope to focus on the physical assets of a Supply Chain such as Warehouse Facilities, Transport and Freight Assets and their associated information systems. In that sense it is the engine-room of the Supply Chain.

We offer a range of short courses in logistics management covering the following subject areas:

  • The Fundamentals of Logistics Management
  • Multi-Location Warehouse & Distribution Strategies
  • Understanding Warehouse and Transport Management Systems (WMS / TMS / DRP)
  • Distribution Centre Design & Layout
  • The Risks & Opportunities of outsourcing your Logistics Operations
  • Automated Warehousing – Benefits & Pitfalls
  • Health, Safety, Security & Sustainability in Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution Operations

Many of our short courses in logistics management can form part of study towards MCIPS and MCILT

For more information on any of our logistics management courses please contact Zen Yaworsky by email on: