In-Company Short Training Courses in Procurement, Purchasing & Supply.

Course Title: Strategic management of the procurement function.

The course is designed to:

Explore the concept of strategy from theories of strategy to models of the strategic process, relating these models to strategy in the procurement function through the use of strategy analysis tools relevant to the supply chain.

Course aims:

To prepare students to apply the strategic process and the tools of analysis to aid in the management and implementation of relevant strategic direction(s) within the procurement function. It will allow student’s to practice their strategic thinking skills within the framework of a strategic process in preparation for their future managerial roles.

Learning outcomes – At the end of the course students will be expected to be able to:

  • Evaluate different concepts of strategy and strategic process within a commercial context.
  • Relate and critically assess the links between business objectives and procurement strategy.
  • Assess, compare and contrast differing theories of strategy development.
  • Illustrate the strategic process.
  • Analyse the drivers, enablers and constraints on strategies in supply chain management.
  • Undertake strategic analysis of a supply chain challenge.
  • Use the tools of strategic analysis to undertake analysis of the external operating environment.
  • Develop an organisational SWOT based on strategic analysis and derive a set of strategic options for the supply chain.
  • Compare and contrast strategic choice options for feasibility, suitability and acceptability.
  • Describe how selected options can be implemented.  

Indicative Content:

 Commercial activity in a globalised economy:

  • The changing nature of the Procurement function.
  • The procurement impact on the supply chain.
        • Corporate strategies and their impact on procurement.
        • Trends in procurement. 

Procurement and strategy:

    • What is strategy?
    • Strategy as a business process.
    • The strategic process – a rational approach.
  • Aligning procurement strategy to organisation and directorate strategies.
  • Understanding how Organisation and Directorate strategy impacts on the procurement and supply chain functions.

Developing Supply Chain Management strategies:

  • Analysing the supply chain.
  • Option Development.
  • Strategic Implementation choices.
  • Creating the business case.
  • Gaining buy in.

Modern Strategic Choices for Procurement:

  • Category Management:
    • Definition; and practical considerations.
    • Drivers for category management strategies
    • Enablers for category management strategies.
  • E-Procurement:
    • The role of e-cmmerce in procurement
    • A review of the technologies available for e-Procurement.
  •  Commissioning:
    • Impact of the commissioning agenda.
  • Sustainability – Definitions and practical considerations:
    • Sustainability and the Supply Chain.
    • Why the Public sector needs to lead.
    • The ethical dimension to procurement:
      • Diversity and localisation in the supply chain.
      • Child labour and the abuse of labour laws.
      • Health & Safety for worker across the end-to-end supply chain.

Further reading:

The course will identify and cover in full detailed learning outcomes required for assessment purposes. However, if you wish to read further in order to supplement your learning and cement your understanding of the course, content, aims, and purposes, we recommend the following book(s):

Exploring Strategy – Johnson, Scholes and Whittington.

E-Procurement from Strategy to Implementation – Dale Neef.

Excellence in Procurement Strategy – S. Emmett & B. Crocker.