In-Company Training in Supply Chain Sustainability from Supply Solutions

The organisational and commercial issues surrounding business ethics, the environment, climate change and sustainability are often described under the term ‘Supply Chain Sustainability’ and have become fundamental to the strategic and operational thinking of organisations in both Public and Private sectors. The supply chain presents enormous opportunities to improve working conditions and safety, reduce waste, mitigate environmental risk, minimise carbon footprint and manage the consumption of increasingly scarce resources such as water. The goal of measuring the end-to-end environmental and ethical impact of complex international supply chains has proved to be illusive, nevertheless the need to do so and to develop sustainable supply chains becomes ever more imperative.

We offer a range of short courses in supply chain sustainability covering the following subject areas:

  • The Business Case for Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Reverse Logistics and the ‘Polluter Pays Principle’
  • Understanding the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint
  • The Ethical Dimension in Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Law and its impact on Supply Chain Management
  • Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

Many of our short courses in supply chain sustainability can form part of study towards MCIPS and MCILT

For more information on any of our courses on supply chain sustainability please contact Zen Yaworsky by email on: