Negotiation Skills Training for both Public and Private Sectors

A developed capability to negotiate is a critical element of personal and corporate strength and effectiveness.

Despite this being a generally recognised fact research shows that 93% of management personnel entering into negotiations of commercial significance have no training and employ no developed plan.

The development of negotiation skills can deliver improved outcomes in profit and contractual integrity and foster more productive relationships with strategic partners.

As well as improved external effectiveness negotiation capability development can foster enhanced internal productivity within a business. In an age where ‘tribal’ behaviours can waste time and margin, and can undermine good communication, the ability to negotiate to reach agreement and a shared vision is essential.

Supply Solutions have a strong track record of supporting organisations in the public and private sectors to become more effective negotiators achieving improved outcomes and better relationships – with suppliers, customers and colleagues.

Our experience comes from the diversity of our client base, which ranges from SMEs to multinational corporations, from local government organisations to global oil and gas companies.

It also derives from the hands on experience of our people all of whom have significant success in major commercial contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions and the complexities of public sector practice.

Your needs are specific to your circumstances, your team and your business. Contact us to find out more and we will speak with you to understand those needs and how we can support you to help improve your capabilities and business outcomes.

Negotiation Support

Supply Solutions can also be a resource to support your negotiations.

Where you are faced with complex and critical negotiations we can be an experienced third party resource for you. From helping to develop the negotiation strategy and plan, to being ‘in-flight’ observers and mentors right through to playing an important role as a front line support member – we can bring our experience and skills to ensure that you get the best from the deal, the bid or the contract.